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A Discussion On The Monaural Corded Headset

Monaural - relating to or having or hearing with only one ear.

Connecting to the Telephone

A monaural corded headset is an example of classic design and functionality. They are used by receptionists (although many are switching to Wireless), call centres, contact centres and general office workers. All the headset manufacturers produce one-eared headsets with headbands.

This monaural corded headset traditionally plugs into your telephone via a small plastic RJ11 plug. This plug is connected to the bottom of your headset cable or a "pigtail" lead from your headset amplifier. Most of the time, it connects into the handset jack - you simply unplug the handset and replace it with the headset. However, be aware that you will probably need to keep the handset on your telephone to hold down the switch-hooks or the phone will be always busy and you wont get any calls. If this is the case, you will need to lift the handset to answer calls.

If you are lucky, you may be able to get your telephone technician to program your phone to use the "hands-free" feature or monitor button to answer calls. This is usually only available if you have a digital telephone.

Some telephones have a special headset jack. This may be an RJ11 or a small circular hole that takes a small 2.5mm plug. These phones also have a headset button for answering and hangup calls.

Sample Monaural Headset (Headband)

In Australia Plantronics, Jabra, and Sennheiser are the major headset brands. Therefore, this page shows samples of their high volume selling binaural headband headsets.

Plantronics H51

Plantronics H51

The most popular monaural corded headset in the world, the Supra, owes its popularity to the perfect balance between light weight, superior sound and outstanding comfort.

Product Features:

  • Single earpiece headband
  • Voice Tube microphone
  • Soft ear cushions for all day comfort

Plantronics H251N

Plantronics H251N

The Plantronics SupraPlusĀ® headset family brings new standards in all-day comfort and reliability to telephone professionals. Enhanced receive-side audio quality, intelligent flexible boom and stylish design provide greater headset flexibility. SupraPlus is compatible with Plantronics amplifiers and USB-to-headset adapters.

Product Features:

  • All-day wearing comfort and reliability
  • Enhanced audio for greater listening accuracy
  • Supports most Plantronics amplifiers and USB-to-headset adapters
  • Leverages the strength of the market-leading Supra headset
  • Designed for the most demanding environments

Monaural Corded Headsets