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What Compatible Headsets Suit Your Phone?

Headsets are usually sold as a top only. YOU must buy something to connect the headset to your telephone.

For Corded headsets, that "something" can be as simple as a direct connect cord or cable, through to a full blown acoustic shock protecting amplifier.

For Wireless headsets, that "something" is usually an Electronic Hookwitch (EHS), or a handset lifter.

How Do I Select Compatible Headsets That Will Work With My Phone?

  • Do you need a headset with one ear or two?
  • Do you want the headset to be on-ear, in-ear or headband?
  • Do you want acoustic shock protection?
  • Do you want wireless or corded?

If you know your telephone brand, simply click on that brand below.
If your still unsure, call one of our headset specialists on 1800 666 234.

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