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Soundshield Hearing Damage/Loss Protection Devices

The Soundshield Acoustic Protection Device uses DSP technology and a software platform to detect and reject high pitch tones and present a safe listening level to users of telephone headsets.

Soundshield was originally designed and developed over 3 years by leading audiologists, telecommunications and software experts from a collaboration between Telstra, National Acoustics Laboratories (NAL) and CRC for Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid Innovation (co-developers of the Bionic Ear).

The Polaris Soundshield 4G

Soundshield 4G

Soundshield 4G, is the latest iteration of the Soundshield. It now has an easy to use touch screen interface, making is easier than ever to see and change your settings. It can be used with either traditional phones, VoIP phones or PC soft phones.

Here are some of the benefits of using Soundshield:

  • Shriek Detection and Rejection
    Soundshield uses Polaris' patented Sonaron™ software to detect and reject any high pitched tone or shriek, whilst maintaining superior voice clarity and intelligibility. Up to two shrieks can be removed simultaneously within 16-32 milliseconds, well within the time limit to prevent hearing damage.

  • Absolute Acoustic Ceiling
    Soundshield prevents all noises above an absolute acoustic ceiling of 90dB from reaching the user's ear. This level is 33dB below ACA Regulations. The absolute acoustic ceiling is downwardly configurable to 80dB or 85dB for use in call centre environments that are less noisy.

  • Compliance
    Soundshield is completely compliant with all relevant standards of the Australian Communications Authority. It limits the daily noise exposure to under 85dB, ensuring the maximum sound levels are lower than specified in the ACA Regulations.

  • Superior Voice Clarity
    Soundshield displays superior voice clarity and digital quality to that of existing headsets and analogue amplifiers which are limited to the functions of analogue technology. In an effort to reduce the level of loud noises, analogue amplifiers dampen noise levels but also display poor voice clarity.

  • Automatic Listening Levels
    Soundshield provides the most comfortable listening level based on calculations of volume and tone over the previous six calls.

  • Software Configurable
    Soundshield can be used with any headset brand and any host system. Its software is upgradeable to cater for any future headsets or host systems or to add further product features or developments. It features a USB port for this purpose.

  • User Protection Increases Confidence
    When Soundshield is in use, the green ring provides a certain level of comfort to the user, knowing they are protected from acoustic shock. This confidence in staff also reduces stress and apprehension about the possibility of an incident, while for Call Centre Managers, the liability and consequences associated with an acoustic shock incident are eliminated.

  • Australian Designed and Manufactured
    Soundshield was designed by a collaboration of Australian companies, and will be manufactured and distributed by Polaris, a 100% Australian owned company.

  • Five Year Warranty
    Polaris offers an unconditional Five Year Warranty on Soundshield. Each unit is produced to the highest standards, is attractive and durable and uses world first, state of the art technology. As Soundshield is a locally produced mainstream product, Polaris can guarantee ongoing technical support and the continuous availability of spare parts.