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Siemens and GPT Plessey Telephones

Siemens HiPath 3000

Siemens Communications is one of the largest players in the global telecommunications industry. Siemens is the only provider in the market that offers its customers a full-range portfolio, from devices for end users to complex network infrastructures for enterprises and carriers as well as related services. Siemens Communications is the world's innovation leader in convergent technologies, products and services for wireless, fixed and enterprise networks.

In 1989 GEC and Siemens acquired the Plessey Company through the joint company GEC Siemens plc. While most of Plessey was divided between the companies, GPT remained a joint venture with a 60/40 shareholding between GEC and Siemens respectively. In August 1998 GEC acquired Siemens' 40% stake in GPT. However, in Australia, Siemens continued to support the GPT Plessey brand.

Siemens & Plessey PABX's and Key Systems

Due to the length of time that Siemens & Plessey have been in the Australian market and the popularity of their products, there are numerous models of Siemens & Plessey PABX's and Key Systems in operation. Too many in fact to restrict our headset compatibility details to one page. Because of this fact, please select your PABX from the range below or enter your telephone model here.


GPT Plessy