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If You Want To Increase Office Productivity, Read On...

Have YOU increased your productivity by using a telephone headset?

Today a large proportion of the workforce spends half their day on the telephone. Many of these are accessing a computer with one hand while conducting a conversation. Are you one of them? Do you have a telephone headset? If not, why not?

Show your boss how they can save

Does your boss realise how much he/she can save simply by supplying you with a $300.00 headset? Perhaps you can use the following data to convince him/her?

Properly conducted studies don't lie

Headsets free up hands for increased efficiency. What if you could use two hands to type, write or search through files instead of wasting one juggling a telephone handset? Twice as effective? Well, almost. How about a 43 percent increase?

The Study

Productivity improvements Plantronics commissioned the firm of H.B. Maynard Co to undertake a time and motion efficiency study that compared telephone handset use against headset use.

This study concluded that adding hands-free headsets to conventional office telephones substantially improves productivity and overall call volume while reducing phone-related employee downtime and physical discomfort.

Summary of the findings

Headsets allow empoyees to use both hands, increasing their overall productivity by up to 43%. They also:

Time savings

  • Increase call response time by up to 72%

  • Increase typing speeds by up to 43%

  • Reduce call placement time by up to 49%

  • Enable a headset wearer to make up to 16 extra calls per day

These figures show that, from the resulting productivity gains, a headset can pay for itself within 2 1/2 months.

Which employee groups can gain productivity improvements?

Everyone can benefit from using a headset. Today, many people view headsets as standard office equipment, and depend on them - regardless of how much time they spend in the phone. Of course, the more telephone-dependent you and your company are, the more valuable headset will be to you.

The following is a list of the kind of businesses and/or occupations that traditionally depend on headsets:

Call Centre Agent

  • Tele-marketers
  • Customer Service/Help Desk
  • Receptionists
  • Despatchers
  • Travel Agents
  • Computer Users
  • Sales Staff
  • Reservation Agents
  • Bank & Financial Services
  • Health Care & Emergency Services
  • Emergency Roadside Services
  • Home/Office

In fact Anyone who spends time on the telephone