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LATEST Headset Releases for Australia

June 2024

TEAMS_WH64 Yealink WH64
In June Yealink are releasing their Jabra Engage and Poly Savi killer, the WH64. Like the competition, it supports triple connectivity: Phone, PC and Mobile. What sets it apart? Yealink have created a DECT/Bluetooth hybrid headset top, meaning you have a DECT headset in the office, and a Bluetooth headset on the go. The design is very similar to the the BH70, so you can expect the same all day comfort. We've been part of the early testing, and we've been unable to find any fault. At almost half the price of the competition, it's hard to recommend anything else.

March 2024

TEAMS_BH70 Yealink BH70
The new Yealink BH70 has arrived, and Yealink is touting it as an essential Bluetooth headset. We've been testing it for the last few weeks, and we think it is the best bang for your buck Bluetooth headset on the market. We find it to be very similar to the Jabra Evolve2 55. Though it does lacks ANC, at its price point, it cannot be beaten. It is light weight for all day wearing, has great battery life, and the noise cancelling microphone punches well above it's weight class.

February 2024

The IMPACT 1000 Series just grew a tail. The new IMPACT 800 Series from EPOS is sure to bring the same amazing noise cancelling microphone and comfort we've grown to love. Not to mention the superb Super Wideband audio quality, which is a treat for those using Teams and Zoom. In a show of forward thinking, EPOS have only released a USB-C version, a converter is included for those that need USB-A. We can't wait to put it head to head with the Jabra Evolve2 50, and see which one is the true office king.

EPOS wasn't satisfied with just one new headset, they have another very exciting release, the IMPACT 700 Series. Designed for the call centre, EPOS is really going after Jabra's crown, so look out Engage 50 II. EPOS shaved off some of the weight of the 800 series, and added in-line controls. The noise cancelling on the mic should be great, if the 800 and 1000 Series are anything to go by. It brings the Super Wideband audio for better clarity and detail, perfect for emergency call centres, where understanding callers is vital. And if that is not enough, it comes with a 3-year warranty as standard.

August 2023

Voyager_Surround_80_UC Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC
A welcome update to the aging Voyager 8200 UC. The new 80 UC comes equipped with a total of 10 microphones, and is the first boomless headset to meet Microsoft Open Office requirements. This ensures that you will be heard loud and clearly, even in a noisy office environment. With ANC and 21 hour talk time, this is sure to tick a lot of boxes.

Poly_Savi_8410 Poly Savi 8400 Series
Poly has announced a refresh of the Savi 8200 Series. The base has been redesigned to be be smaller and includes a non-touch colour screen, letting you tell your headsets status at a glace. The Savi 8400 Series will continue to use the same headset tops, so we don't expect improvements to the sound quality. Interestingly we notice the 8240 has been dropped from the line up.

Poly_Savi_7420 Poly Savi 7400 Series
The super secure Savi 7300 Series has also received the 8400 Series treatment. Like the 8400 Series, the new 7400 Series gains a redesigned base, with a built in non-touch colour screen. It also will continue to use the same headset top as it's predecessor. We don't know if this trend will continue, with Poly bringing this new design across it's portfolio, but it would be nice to see a CS540 refresh in the same style.

May 2023

And just like that, the Jabra Evolve2 may have lost it's crown. EPOS has announced the new IMPACT 1000 Series of Bluetooth headsets. Sure to be a hit, with their market leading voice pickup, and THREE simultaneous Bluetooth device connectivity. It also has all the features you expect: ANC, Mic-Boom up to mute and can be used while charging. And to top it off, the design looks amazing.

Evolve2-50-55-65-Flex Jabra Evolve2 50, 55 and 65 Flex
Jabra has decided to "ANC all the things!!" with the announcement of new Evolve2 headsets. The Evolve2 50 is a wired ANC headset, with Bluetooth. That's right, a corded headset that can wirelessly connect to your mobile (Like a Yealink UH38). Evolve2 55 is something new, it is the first Mono headset with ANC. While the Evolve2 65 Flex is a slim folding headset aiming to be the best portable headset on the market.

March 2023

voyager-free-60 Poly Voyager Free 60
If you are not getting the call quality you hoped with Apple AirPods or Jabra Evolve2 Buds, don't worry there is a new contender in town. The Voyager Free 60 has been designed for actual clear calls without compromising the music experience, by using a three-mic array in each earbud, and large 10mm drivers. They are not expected to be cheap, but if they work as promised, they will be worth every cent.

Jabra Speak2 Series Jabra Speak2 Series
Jabra has announced an update to their Speak series of speakerphones. All models have gained a full-duplex feature, which allows both ends of conversation to talk over each other, perfect for those heated boardroom discussions. The Speak2 75 also has a new microphone quality indicator, so you will always know if your being heard clearly. Unfortunately, it's not all good news, the Speak2 75 loses the daisy-chain feature that made the Speak 710 and 750 such a hit.

Oct 2022

Jabra Evolve2 Buds Jabra Evolve2 Buds
After a long wait, Jabra has finally brought out a replacement for the Evolve 65T. These new Buds are certified for MS Teams, Zoom and Google Meet, so are perfect for use in the office or out on the road. With up to 8 hours of battery, and another 3 charged in the carry case, you don't have to worry about running flat. And then you get back home, simply place the charge case onto the optional wireless charger, so it's always ready when you are.

Aug 2021

EPOS is refreshing the tried and tested D 10 series. What's changing? Well not much at all really. The base has had a new redesign to accommodate the D 30 stereo top, but otherwise it's the same D 10 you already know and love. The biggest addition is the new D 30 stereo top, which you've seen previously on the DW Pro 2. It would be nice to see a D 20 with the DW Pro 1 Mono top also available, but alas it appears that option will not be available.

Jun 2021

Poly Voyager Focus 2 Poly Voyager Focus 2
Poly has released an updated version of the beloved Voyager Focus UC. With upgraded digital Hybrid ANC, we can't wait to test it out as the original Focus ANC was great. Battery life has been improved to 19 hours, from 12 hours, which is now enough for even the hardest working executive. The other notable change is the Office variant, allowing you to connect to a PC, Phone and Mobile device.

Feb 2021

Yealink WH6 Series

Yealink WH6 Series
Yealink have released their first DECT wireless headsets, the WH6 Series. To say we are impressed is an understatement. As we have come to expect from Yealink, the hardware is solid, with great audio. With a built in busy light, and Yealink's Acoustic Shield Technology, the new headsets bring features not previously available at this price point. The entry model WH62 and WH63 allows usage with 2 USB devices, while the premium WH66 and WH67 also have a touch screen, Bluetooth and built in speakerphone.

Oct 2018

Savi 8220 Plantronics Savi 8200 Series
Plantronics are releasing a new top range Savi, the Savi 8200 series. With a redesigned headset top, they now have an increased talk time of up to 13 hours. The 8220 has wideband hi-fi audio for music, as well as Active Noise Cancelling. The first we have seen this on a DECT wireless headset. It is a definite upgrade over the Savi W700 in every way.

Apr 2018

Engage 65 Jabra Engage 65
The all new Engage 65 from Jabra is an exciting upgrade to the Pro 9450. They have gotten rid of the fiddly headset dock, which was my biggest complaint. The comfort, noise cancellation and call quality are top notch. With up to 13 hours of battery life, you can talk all day and then some. It meets the Skype for Business Open Office requirements, and is certified for Skype for Business.

Engage 75 Jabra Engage 75
Though it shares the same tops as the Engage 65, the base is where things get interesting. This is the first headset on the market to be able to connect to FIVE different devices, 1x Phone, 2x USB and 2x Bluetooth. It also has a touch screen display, making changing settings a breeze. Unfortunately you do pay highly for those features.

Nov 2016

Sennheiser SC630/660 SC 630/660 – SOUND FOR MAXIMUM FOCUS
A premium wired headset for quality-conscious contact center and office professionals requiring outstanding sound performance in noisy environments.

June 2016

Sennheiser MB Pro1/2 Sennheiser MB Pro1/2
Certified for Skype for Business, the headsets are designed for UC business professionals who demand wireless communication freedom, brilliant sound quality, and exceptional wearing comfort. These bluetooth headsets pair with mobiles and a USB dongle making it ideal for road warriors and IT Support.

March 2016

Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Plantronics Voyager Focus UC
Offering cordless freedom with your PC via Bluetooth 4.1. This means its great on battery life, and providing up to 14 days in standby mode. Though most of the time you’ll have it docked unless you’re travelling. More importantly, Plantronics are able to push pretty stunning audio over that connection phone calls using Skype for Business, sound clear and crisp

March 2015

Sennheiser D10 Sennheiser D 10 Series
Sennheiser have released economical versions of their DW10 Phone and DW10 USB wireless headsets. The D10 Phone and D10 USB wireless headsets are now available. Other than being cheaper (to enable Sennheiser to compete against the Jabra PRO 920 and Plantronics CS540) and a couple of cosmetic changes, I can't see much difference between the DW10 and D10.

Dec 2014

Plantronics Encore Pro Plantronics HW710/HW720
Plantronics has renamed their top-of-the-line EncorePro models. The HW291N becomes the HW710 and the HW301N becomes the HW720. The Plantronics part number does not change - only the name has changed to protect the innocent?

This headset has been successfully tested for its speech recognition abilities. It gives excellent results when using SIRI via your iPhone.

Nov 2014

Jabra Evolve Jabra Evolve Series
Jabra has launched their Evolve range of quality office headsets. These are the industry’s first series of professional headsets that support the communication needs of knowledge workers who work in a noisy environment. 69 percent of these state that disturbances in their open office have a negative impact on their performance.

Through advanced noise-cancellation technologies, Jabra Evolve aims to enhance productivity by shutting out the hustle and bustle of the open office. Thus creating a personal “concentration zone".

May 2013

Sennheisers DW Office Phone Headset Sennheiser DW Series
Sennheiser has expanded the variants within their popular DW range of communications headsets. Now, you no longer have to buy a "one size fits all" wireless Sennheiser headset. This can save you money.

The original DW Office and DW Pro headsets are multi-functional - one headset can connect to both your phone and your PC via USB. However, if you only required a quality phone OR quality USB wireless headset you had to buy both. You no longer need to pay for those features that you will never use. You can simply pick the function that you require and save about 20% (e.g. buy a DW Office Phone OR DW Office USB headset).

Feb 2013

Jabra UC Voice 550 Headset Jabra Cisco Compatible
Jabra partners with the Cisco Developer Network program to offer a wide range of Jabra audio devices that are easy to install and use. These integrate seamlessly with Cisco Unified IP Phones and Cisco Unified Communication Clients.

Jabra have established a reputation as a Cisco Developer. Their close co-operation with Cisco has resulted in a Cisco Compatible range of Jabber headsets. These headsets have full Cisco Call Control built in.

Nov 2012

Jabra PRO 920 Headset Jabra Pro 920 Jabra have challenged Polaris' SoundShield. Their PRO900 & PRO9400 series headsets are now compliant with the Australian industry ACIF G616 guideline for ”Acoustic safety for telephone equipment”. You no longer need to purchase a SoundShield.

You now have the option of upgrading the firmware of the Jabra PRO 920 or Jabra PRO 930 headsets to support this important feature. Future shipments from Jabra will include this firmware as standard.