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Plantronics M15D Amplifier

M15D Headset Adaptor

What is the M15D?

The Plantronics M15D digital adapter offers breakthrough performance, enhancing the capabilities of one of the most popular and trusted headset amplifiers in the industry — the Vista M12. With Plantronics SoundGuard DIGITAL technology, daily noise exposure is monitored and controlled in line with new legislation, whilst loud sounds are identified and eliminated. The M15D offers unsurpassed acoustic protection and provides a solution to contact centres needing to ensure compliance with Health & Safety At Work guidelines.


  • Compliant with the ACIF Guideline DR ACIF G616:2004 “Acoustic safety for telephone equipment”.
  • Compliant with the “TT4” Telstra Publication – Technical Reference TP TT404B51. “Headset & Limiting Amplifier. Acoustic Protection.”
  • Max daily personal noise exposure 85 dB (A)
  • Max Output 102 dB (A) Where the batteries go
  • Volume, mute and tone controls, with headset / handset switch
  • Battery or Mains powered, USB power option
  • Compatible with the majority of phone systems
  • Compatible with all Plantronics Call Centre and Office headsets
  • Anti-startle acoustic protection
  • Daily personal noise exposure limiting
  • Selective frequency response shaping for enhanced speech intelligibility
  • Phone line noise reduction
  • Automatic volume leveller
  • Two year warranty

Plantronics M15D Bottom

How Does it Work?

The M15D uses two pieces of Plantronics technology to achieve outstanding acoustic protection.

SoundGuard DIGITAL™
SoundGuard DIGITAL provides two distinct types of protection. Firstly, it monitors and predicts daily personal noise exposure, and adaptively limits the maximum volume to ensure the action levels specified by current Australian "Standards" TT4 and G616 are not exceeded. It is constantly on guard, it also identifies and eliminates sudden loud sounds. Network interference, a fax machine tone, or even a whistle blown by a malicious caller are all instantly reduced to a level similar to background noise.

A particular strength of SoundGuard DIGITAL is its ability to provide such protection whilst not affecting normal speech – delivering face-to-face clarity of communication within a contact centre or office environment.

Call Clarity DIGITAL™
The M15D also includes Plantronics Call Clarity DIGITAL system, to deliver the clearest sounding calls. With the Automatic Volume leveler, conversations can be maintained at a comfortable and consistent level, regardless of the loudness of the incoming call. Additionally, frequency response shaping maximizes speech intelligibility, whilst phone line noise is also reduced.

Rear of M15D Headset Adaptor


The Plantronics M15D amplifier is a very good acoustic shock protection device. When compared to the Soundshield, the major weakness is that it is ONLY suitable for Plantronics headsets. The SoundShield can be configured for a variety of headset brands.