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GN Netcom GN8210 Amplifier

GN Netcom GN8210


The completely digital GN 8210 amplifier utilizes state-of-the-art, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology. It is a flexible, customizable amplifier that gives very good sound quality with a high degree of protection against acoustic exposure and shock.

The GN 8210 dramatically reduces incoming background noise by digitally enhancing the incoming signal and filtering out the incoming background noise. Its' incoming volume adjustment feature automatically keeps the volume of all incoming calls at your user-set level. The adjustable audio/protection modes let you tailor the GN 8210 to your individual environments and preferences.


Reduced incoming background noise:
Incoming background noise (such as outdoor noise or a loud environment) is filtered out of calls so that you experience crystal clear communication at all times.

Automatic incoming volume adjustment:
The GN 8210 automatically keeps the volume of all incoming calls at your same user-set level, ensuring clarity and eliminating the need to continually adjust the volume control.

Elimination of loud noise spikes:
The GN 8210 eliminates loud noises and keeps protecting longer.

TrebleBoost audio/protection mode:
High acoustic shock protection/high tones accentuated.

CrystalClear audio/protection mode:
High acoustic shock protection/all tones accentuated

TT4 audio/protection mode:
Highest acoustic shock protection/bass tones accentuated.

Weighted average noise exposure protection:
Digital monitoring prevents the signal from exceeding the international standard for weighted average noise exposure (85 db). You enjoy reduced fatigue as unsafe cumulative noise exposure is eliminated.

2 Years.


The GN 8210 complies with the following standards and recommendations:

  • The EU directive 2003/10/EC on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers risks arising from physical agents (noise). “Specifying max average output to a maximum of 85dB(A).”
  • The NIOSH Publication No. 98-126 “Occupational Noise Exposure”. “NIOSH compliant” “Specifying max time –weighted average (TWA) output to 85dB.”
  • The ACIF Draft Guideline DR ACIF G616:2004 “Acoustic safety for telephone equipment”.
  • The “TT4” Telstra Publication – Technical Reference TP TT404B51. “Headset & Limiting Amplifier. Acoustic Protection.”


The GN 8210 is a very good acoustic shock protection device. When compared to the Soundshield, the major weakness is that it is ONLY suitable for GN Netcom headsets. The SoundShield can be configured for a variety of headset brands.